Veri Integrated Training

ArcLabs Kilkenny company Veri Integrated Training brings compliance and quality assurance to a new level.

A software expert has teamed up with one of the country’s most highly accredited training providers to launch a brand new and integrated software solution that provides students, tutors and training providers with the ultimate quality and compliance seal!

Veri Integrated Training is the brainchild of software in training expert Ann-Marie McSorley. She’s been at the helm at iResource Education and Training since 2008 and previously a team leader for Compass Catering, Local District Councils and the NSPCC in Northern Ireland for 15 years.

The new software takes the pain and paper out of compliance and quality assurance in the growing training industry and will ensure the highest industry standards are met, she said. Veri is being showcased for the first time at the FET (Further Education and Training) conference in Mullingar onSeptember 30.

Among Veri’s benefits for service providers are that it is affordable, starting out at just €100 per month; it’s simple to use and scalable across all sizes of training provision in all industries. It is cloud based and therefore ideal for multi-centred and outsourced training provision.

For Management, trainees and their tutors, it provides greater accountability, and live ability to track and trace programme outcomes, according to McSorley, whose business is based at the Waterford Institute of Technology ArcLabs Innovation Centre, Burrell Hall, St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny.

“Focusing on quality assurance and measured outcomes, we saw a huge need for a software solution that would save time in tracking, compliance and measuring performance. This applies not just for student grades but for tutor communication, module results, learner engagement and all the milestones we need to track and measure in effective learning outside of exams and the formal classroom.

 “Veri Integrated Training totally eliminates compliance time wasting red tape, saves time and money and provides trainers and the tens of thousands of people undergoing training across Ireland each year with the ultimate quality seal. It is also a powerful database and will allow its users to turn information about programmes into intelligence on how to improve them.

“Our new partners in this initiative are Barrow Training, the first training provider in Ireland to be ISO-accredited and one of the first companies in Ireland to achieve the new 2015 Standard.”

Liz Doran, Director of Barrow Training, has over 10 years’ experience in adult education and training and said: “Veri has been developed alongside our excellent QQI, VTCT and ISO standards and streamlines the compliance for these accreditations. It’s new Export feature for uploading to QQI will save our team a huge amount of time, preventing errors and negating duplications this Autumn.”

Others involved include software start-up expert, Shane Barron. A tech start-up heavy weight, he has worked with Hostel World, Sonru and now Fintech trail-blazer Blue Finn. His programming expertise ensures that every user, be they a student or tutor, an administrator or manager, enjoys a seamless experience. The data security and compliance of the software is world class and ensures there is no downtime for users, he confirmed.

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