Sedicii - Lead DevOps

Sedicii is an award-winning company focused on confidential collaborative computing without sharing sensitive information but still achieving a joint outcome. It does this using a number of advanced and distributed technologies to capture, compare and validate and calculate results. To support this, it is creating a federated, global identity verification network which enables real-time identity verification by certified, trusted identity providers (governments, banks, telco’s, utilities), ensuring that businesses can react quickly to new government, regulatory and industry demands for real-time identity verification, authentication and trust services. The company develops software as a KYC, AML service for the identification and authentication of people, vehicles, products and other physical and virtual goods and services. Included in our identity network are enabling products including authentication software, a KYB and KYC Onboarding solution (the only of its kind!) and AML Monitoring and Payment Pre-execution software. Government and different industry sector organisations are starting to use these for yet more use cases in supply chains, border controls, health, aviation, maritime, logistics and more.

Responsible To:

The Lead DevOps will report to the Head of Development.

Job Overview:

Develop and improve Sedicii’s infrastructure in Kubernetes to support Sedicii’s identity management and authentication product Kagii, and suitability product KYCexpert. These products target both individuals and organisations and support enrolment, authentication, credential management, digital signatures, account management, document store, crypto and non-crypto wallets.

This key role will lead the development of our interoperability framework for the Kriptan Identity Network, linking to other providers and governments, and conforming to international standards (ISO, etc.).

This role will be essential to increase in the productivity of the team and is seen as a stepping stone for higher management or greater technological responsibilities.

The position is full-time and remote with the option to work in our offices in Ireland, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, and other locations.

Responsibilities and Duties:

· Lead the development of Sedicii’s Kubernetes infrastructure to

o Guarantee high scalability and availability

o Provide advanced monitoring, logging, alerts and backups

o Support CI/CD flows

o Provide high-assurance, privacy and security

o Meet regulatory requirements (e.g. on data protection) and international standards


· Computer science or engineering degree

· 5+ years of experience

· Must-have skills:

o Kubernetes


· Nice-to-have skills:

o Backend (NodeJS, Java)

o Azure, Bluemix or other cloud platforms


If you are interested in this position, please submit your CV to

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