Resolve Partners and ArcLabs Fund 1 GP are pleased to announce the launch of SportX

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Resolve Partners and ArcLabs Fund 1 GP are pleased to announce the launch of SportX, a new pre-accelerator programme designed to identify ideas and founders that can go on to become high potential startups in the South East region of Ireland. The SportX programme has been specifically designed to develop opportunities in the Sport and Wellness industries, by building on exciting technology and business model innovations. 

Over the course of the SportX programme, participants will gain a better understanding of an entrepreneurial career path, be provided with best-in-class tools to think clearly about the opportunities they wish to pursue, be exposed to world-class insights and experience from industry veterans, and be signposted towards right-sized supports appropriate to their stage of development. Interested participants are encouraged to visit for full details on the programme, and information on how to apply. 

The SportX pre-accelerator, which runs between mid-October and the end of November, will be delivered by Resolve Partners, in association with the ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre, WIT Arena, and UPMC. Resolve Partners have extensive experience of planning, delivering, and contributing to pre-accelerator programmes throughout Ireland, across a range of regional, industry, and academic ecosystems, and recognise the value a pre-accelerator model can bring in terms of stimulating a high level of interest in entrepreneurship, as well as strengthening the capability of ecosystem stakeholders to collaborate and support engagement with startups in the future.

The partnership with ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre, WIT Arena, and UPMC builds on significant domain expertise already located in the region, with access to excellent academic, clinical, and commercial resources, such as the UPMC Sports Medicine Clinic at WIT Arena. Speaking at the announcement, Aisling O’Neill, Manager at ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre, said - “We’re so excited to work with Resolve Partner alongside the WIT Arena and UPMC in the delivery of SportX for the South East. ArcLabs represents a unique ecosystem of entrepreneurship, bringing together world class infrastructure, knowledge, skills and networks to assist people with interesting ideas to start and scale business opportunities and a pre-accelerator programme is the perfect place to validate those ideas and bring them to life.” 

Commenting on the launch, Gary Leyden, Director of Arclabs Fund 1 GP said, “Building upon the successful Enterprise Ireland supported Regional Accelerator Scheme, the investors in NDRC at Arclabs are delighted to fund a programme with the goal of finding the next generation of sportstech entrepreneurs who can leverage the amazing enterprise and sports related supports within the South East of Ireland.” SportX is brought to you through the generous support of Arclabs Fund 1 GP Ltd. The investors in Arclabs Fund 1 GP are Enterprise Ireland, Suir Valley Ventures, Bank of Ireland Seed and Early Stage Equity Fund, South East BIC, Centrica Innovations, and the Local Authorities of Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, and Wexford. SportX is run by Resolve Partners. Resolve Partners are the consulting team of David Scanlon, Dermot Casey, Angela Duffy, and Alan Costello. 

The team have worked together for five years in various role working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders and combine expertise across major sectors such as: Technology, Finance/Fintech, Energy & Climate, Medical, Media Education; with service skills of: Strategy, Leadership, Innovation, Investment Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Technology Mapping/Product Management. 

Any further information please contact :

David Scalon:

 (087) 909 2405 

Dermot Casey: 

(085) 148 1832