Episode 4: The Voice Industry and MarketCloud

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In association with Enterprise Ireland, this is an exciting new series on WLR's business programme The Hot Desk.  Arclabs is WIT's Research and Innovation Centre and business incubator, supporting entrepreneurship in the South East from its sites in Waterford and Kilkenny. Over the month of September, Hot Desk presenter Mary O'Neill will talk to various people who are based at, or connected to, Arclabs. She'll find out first hand the level of enterprise and creativity that originates there.

In the final episode, which aired on September 29th, Mary spoke to Christine Scarry and Patrick O'Gorman. Christine has a background in the arts and has recently set up The Voice Industry. She joined Arclabs as a coworker to develop a business plan to create an innovative voice care centre in Ireland. Christine tells me she tapped into the network and expertise of ArcLabs to realise this goal.

Patrick O'Gorman is the owner of Market Cloud, an online marketing and recruitment service. The Tipperary native is a final year marketing student in WIT. Patrick set up his company Market Cloud in January as part of a student entrepreneurship programme affiliated with WIT. His services aim to help SMEs with their recruitment processes through targeted marketing. Patrick was part of the Student Enterpreneurship Bootcamp at Arclabs.

You can listen to the series here at https://www.wlrfm.com/podcasts/the-hot-desk/