Case Study: MIT Education Solutions

What we do

MIT Education Solutions is an Irish owned software development and services company providing administrative and e-learning solutions to schools and colleges throughout Ireland and Europe.

MIT provides schools and colleges with Online Enrolment, Admissions Management, and Online Payment solutions and they are the market leader in Ireland in the Further Education Sector.

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The Idea

When MIT began its journey back in 2006, owner/manager Seamus Morris recognised a gap in the market, whereby no other company was providing online enrolment, admissions management, or online payments. This made the Further Education market MIT’s first market and a major market for them it was, which was not served by any other supplier.

MIT automates and streamlines the admissions and payments process for Further Education and Higher Education colleges. Prior to deploying MIT’s solution, the systems that colleges utilised were primarily manual and in disparate spreadsheets, which of course are not easily accessible.

MIT design, develop, implement and support administrative and eLearning solutions such as:

  • eNROL AMS - Online Enrolment and Admissions Management System
  • eNROL EPS - Secure Payment Solution for schools and colleges
  • eNROL CMS - Management Information System for schools and colleges
  • eLearning Solutions
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The MIT Mission

The company’s mission is to automate and streamline administrative processes for their customers, thus allowing them to focus on their key tasks of providing education services. MIT also strive to be a trusted partner to their customers and to be their first port of call for administrative solutions. 

The Team

In 2006 when MIT education solutions was first born, the company’s start-up team consisted of Seamus himself along with a chief technical officer and later a senior developer. Together they brought the company to life. With a mixture of sales and marketing, commercials, finance and software development skills between them, combined also with Seamus’s experience for many years within the education sector with companies such as Microsoft, he was familiar with the customers and the market and what it would take for MIT Education Solutions to fill a market gap and succeed.

MIT and ArcLabs

Capital and finance to initiate and develop MIT Education Solutions, Seamus explains, was sourced from a mixture of personal savings, loans, investment and also Enterprise Ireland. Through the South East Enterprise Programme which was based in ArcLabs, Seamus came to learn about the Research and Innovation Centre, to then seek space in the Centre which is located on WIT West Campus in Carriganore. Seamus believes the most beneficial part of ArcLabs for MIT Education Solutions has been the access to support in the form of information and knowledge. Access to TSSG who are also located on the campus provided great assistance for research and innovation. To top off the day-to-day experience, being around like-minded professionals who are always willing to offer assistance and share the experience is what the ArcLabs’ culture is all about.

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The Road Ahead

MIT Education Solutions today employs 8 people, some of whom are located overseas. The company is expected to continue to go from strength to strength as they are beginning to see a greater demand for their products in the Higher Education market – both at home and abroad.

Seamus anticipates some exciting developments internationally over the next few years. We can’t wait to see where they expand to next.

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