ArcLabs is the research & innovation centre at Waterford Institute of Technology.

    At our business incubators in Waterford and Kilkenny we help entrepreneurs to harness amazing ideas, creativity and innovation and to convert concepts into thriving, commercial businesses.


    We believe that entrepreneurs are the key to creating jobs, prosperity and economic growth. Our incubators support a community of high-tech startup companies and growing businesses. We enable entrepreneurs to collaborate with each other and with our research teams in a unique work environment. There are no limitations to how we can work together.


    If your business can use some of the best strategists, designers and R&D resources available, then ArcLabs is the place for you to evolve and grow. Our goal is to build the best community of entrepreneurs and startups in Ireland and we're getting there.




    Facebook Advertising & Campaign Management For Retailers

    Waterford | London | Austin


    StitcherAds is an application that enables online retailers to manage and optimize their pre-targeting and re-targeting direct response advertising on Facebook. Using your existing product catalog feed you can create hundreds of ads in minutes. With StitcherAds you can quickly re-target prospective customers who looked at a product but didn't buy, create ads for different devices, audience segments and add rules to automatically turn off ads that don’t meet your performance targets.


    Keenan InTouch

    Technology-Enabled Services For Dairy Farmers



    The InTouch AgriTech control box provides dairy farmers with access to a website application and telephone support from a team of top nutritionists who constantly monitor herds. In this way, InTouch helps to manage herd health, ration formulation, yield and costs, in order to free up cash flow in addition to improving profits.


    Pin Point Alerts

    Alert Services For Communities and Service Organisations



    Delivering reliable, secure, cost-effective and easy-to-manage alert systems to national and international clients. Services available through a number of channels including SMS Text Messages, Email, Smartphone Apps, Landlines, Social Media and other web channels.


    Finola Howard

    Great Marketing Works



    Sometimes it’s a pure mentoring role, sometimes it’s brand development, redevelopment or deployment. Other times it’s highly strategic and the visible evidence of the work is only reflected in confidential documents. But always, always it’s about how to create great marketing because, simply put – great marketing works.



    Materials and Services For Research Organisations



    MyBio partners with the leading providers of research materials for cellular and molecular biology, nucleic acid chemistry, epigenetics, chromatin biology and other research materials.


    Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency

    Providing Sustainable Energy Information and Services

    Carlow | Kilkenny


    The Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency is a non profit public-good energy consultancy. The Mission of the CKEA is to lead and support Co. Kilkenny & Co. Carlow to reduce its CO2 emissions by stimulating and contributing to the implementation of best practise in the field of sustainable energy. CKEA has extensive knowledge and experience in energy auditing, integration of renewable energies, feasibility studies etc. of small enterprises.



    Dedicated to the role of nutrition in optimising and maintaining good vision.



    Nutrasight Consultancy is a company dedicated to eye health, with emphasis on the role of nutrition in optimising and maintaining good vision. Nutrasight Consultancy conducts quality research into ocular disease, and is also involved in the dissemination of information relating to eye health. We also provide research courses for clinicians-in-training, and interactive workshops on medical statistics.



    Solutions For Age-Related Vision Loss

    Waterford  |  Germany


    Sightrisk can assess your risk of developing age-related blindness. By taking appropriate and informed action, in a timely manner, together we can help to reduce the risk of vision loss.



    Customised Training and Education Programmes



    Working with Information Technology, we specialse in education programmes around civic, social and political education. Our small team of expert trainers have built an impressive profile of clients throughout Ireland. Our mission is to assist our clients to communicate, empower and excel.


    John Rooney Graphic Design

    Brand & Design



    Helping clients to say what they want to say, visually.



    Waterford  |  Europe  |  Far East


    Millenis' main activities are in specialty markets: magnesia, molasses and derivatives, trace elements, casein and other dairy products, and specialty grains. On the strength of its internationally recognised expertise Millenis guarantees optimized sourcing and global business traceability adjusted to the needs of all its partners, be they suppliers or customers.


    Biocide Information

    Market and Product Information For the Global Biocides Industry



    BI via its databank, specialises in the provision of information for Biocide suppliers, regulatory authorities and end-users. BI’s leading product is Diamond Databank which provides information on End-User Applications, Country Consumption of Biocides and a monthly summary of press clippings on Biocides, Suppliers, Patents, Regulations and End-User industries. The information is sourced from hundreds of chemical and industry journals which cover the Americas, Asia and Europe.



    Providing real-time, authoritative data for KYC and AML compliance processes

    Waterford | Dublin | Sydney | London


    Kyckr provides award winning, commercially proven products for the authentication of businesses globally. Unlike many of our competitors, we deliver data in real-time. We are now the largest authoritative company search network available online, uniquely connecting to over 150 business registries worldwide





    MIT Education Solutions

    Information Systems for Schools and Colleges



    MIT is a software development company providing services and solutions to educational organisation throughout Ireland and Europe. Working in co-operation with schools and colleges, MIT designs, develops, implements and supports Administrative & eLearning Solutions.



    Contactless Payment Technology



    ÍOCsave is the largest Irish-owned, independent electronic payment processing company. We provide cost-effective payment processing solutions to small and medium businesses in Ireland.


    Sedicii Innovations

    Eliminating the need to transmit and store private information online

    Waterford  |  London


    Sedicii authenticates users in such a way that the user’s password never leaves the user’s browser, is never stored on an authenticating server and the verifier is not able to impersonate the user.



    Innovative blood separation technology

    Waterford | Dublin


    ProBlood is Hemanua's proprietary, innovative separation technology addressing a fundamental medical need: making donor blood components available, wherever and whenever required.


    Fund Recs

    Complex reconciliations made simple

    Waterford | Dublin


    Fund Recs provides cloud based reconciliation software for the Funds Industry that solves one of the industry's core operational challenges.



    Kodacall provides a WebRTC Carrier Grade Platform-as-a-Service for Real Time Immersive Telephony and Multi-media Services.





    Kodacall's PaaS helps Developers rapidly and easily enable voice/video/data communications in their apps and websites, and helps Operators grow revenue and subscribers by attracting traffic- and value-generating apps.


    It requires no plug-in , no download, no install, no sign-in and makes communication more embedded, more seamless and more instant from any websites and mobile application.

    How Great Marketing Works



    How Great Marketing Works is a membership driven online marketing process where you can build your strategy, create targeted campaigns and measure the results all in one place for just $12 per month. 







    USA | Belarus | Ireland

    CGM is a software development firm that designs, develops and delivers software systems and outsourced solutions for Telecom Service Providers. CGM’s main product supports the enrolment of end users in the US “Lifeline” scheme which offers discounted phone service to lower income households. CGM’s hosted software enables enrolment validation, providing telecom resellers, vendors and agents with the needed functionality to offer the Lifeline scheme with its variety of rules across different US States.



    RouteMatch Software 

    USA | Ireland

    RouteMatch Software is a leading provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), helping more than 600 public and private sector transit agencies worldwide provide quality service to riders and their communities. Established in 2000 and privately held, RouteMatch addresses operational challenges commonly faced by today’s transit systems such as scheduling, dispatching, routing, automated vehicle location, coordination, reporting, automated fare collection and analytics. The company, comprised of more than 160 passionate and dedicated team members, brings cutting edge technologies to the market and couples that with award- winning customer care.  This has led to rapid growth and adoption. Additional information about RouteMatch can be found at  http://routematch.com/


    UK | Ireland 

    110% is a tech start-up that uses an intelligent interactive digital platform to inspire and support employees to take control of their professional and personal lives. Each employee is assigned a ‘personal accelerator’, to reflect with every day online. This support is enhanced with regular video chat and personally curated content for each individual user.


  • Former Clients

    Some of our former clients



    FeedHenry helps enterprise accelerate collaboration and development on mobile projects




    Structure101 is an agile architecture development environment.


    Zolk C


    Amazing handheld guides for museums, attractions and historic sites.




    Formerly PR Slides. Beautiful, curated images
    for journalists.


    Emagine Media


    Emagine is an award-winning branding design firm. 


    Passion For Creative


    Passion for Creative is a full service marketing agency




    On MUZU you can watch music videos from every genre and every era.




    NearForm are pioneers of Node.js enterprise deployment.




    Errigal delivers operations and support system (OSS) software to the mobile network industry.

    Multipath Networks


    Technology to combine multiple internet connections


    Solutions for Managed File Transfer (MFT), End-to-End Security and Governance

    A Global Movement of People Who Grow Their Own Food.

    A global phone number testing/monitoring platform.


    • Direct access to an experienced team that is dedicated to helping companies grow

    • Access to Waterford Institute of Technology's research and development community

    • Be part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs

    • Mentoring on business strategy and operations

    • Access to an extended ecosystem of mentors, investors, researchers and advisers.

    • Access to specialised IT equipment

    • Relationships with state agencies, business angels and strategic partners

    • Help with grant and research proposals, investment finance and seed capital

    • Training and development programmes


    • High-quality, professional, flexible office space

    • 24 X 7 secure access

    • High-speed resilient broadband

    • Fast WiFi throughout the campus

    • 2 bookable meetings rooms available: capacity of 25-50 and 10-12 respectively

    • Bookable room for sales calls or ad-hoc meetings

    • Full-service canteen operating between 08:30 and 15:00

    • Catering for meetings and events

    • Phone instruments and DDI numbers provided.

    • Equipment co-location available in our on-site data centre

    • Free parking

    • Security patrols and remote monitoring on campus outside normal working hours

    • Direct access to national motorway network

    • Reception and postal services



    We work with each entrepreneur to create individual plans for developing viable, profitable and thriving businesses.

    Examples of our support programmes include:


    The National Programme Supporting Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

    Eugene Crehan, Programme Manager
    ecrehan@wit.ie  |  Tel. 051-302953


    New Frontiers is Enterprise Ireland’s national entrepreneur development programme for innovative, early-stage startups. It is a three-phase programme and is delivered jointly by WIT and IT Carlow in the South East region. If you believe that you are capable of building a new sustainable business, apply now for a place on this programme.


    Building links between SMEs and 3rd-level institutes

    Kieran Sullivan, Research Programmes Officer

    ksullivan@wit.ie |  Tel. 051-834026


    WIT has completed over 600 Innovation Voucher projects for SMEs across the island of Ireland. Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist any registered limited company to explore a business opportunity or problem. Innovation Vouchers can be used for a wide range of innovation or knowledge transfer projects. The knowledge gained from a project may be used to solve business problems or to innovate a product, process or service.


    EU Funding and Support for Innovation Projects

    Kieran Sullivan, EU Research Programmes Officer

    ksullivan@wit.ie  |  Tel. 051-834026


    The SME Instrument supports close-to-market activities that will result in breakthrough innovation. Highly innovative SMEs with a clear commercial ambition and a potential for high growth and internationalisation are the prime target.


    Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

    Put WIT's Technology To Work In Your Business

    Dr. James O'Sullivan, Technology Transfer Manager

    josullivan@wit.ie  |  Tel. 051-845592


    The TTO  is a partnership with Enterprise Ireland that enables industry to engage with academics to maximise the commercial impact of their expertise and research.The focus is on ensuring that innovative technologies are made available to businesses and are used to create sustainable jobs and economic growth. The Technology Transfer Office is often the first point of contact for industry and other external agencies interested in identifying the research capabilities within the Institute and exploring how WIT experts can add value to a business.



    Kathryn is Manager of Industry Services in Office of the VP of Research at WIT. Kathryn manages the Institute’s support infrastructure for sponsored research and the technology transfer function in WIT. Prior to joining WIT, Kathryn worked in executive and management roles in financial services and international consultancy.

    Mary keeps ArcLabs running smoothly and ensures that our clients have a comfortable and efficient work environment.

    Eugene's business background is in international marketing and sales. He is an entrepreneur with expertise in business development, strategic planning and business start-up support.

    Bill runs a research group and mentors new and developing businesses. Prior to joining academia, Bill ran his own business for 9 years. His work experience includes executive-level roles in multinational organisations.

    James attributes WIT's success in R&D to, "Our understanding about how to leverage industry funding, to access further funding to make their contribution go further, our focus on the business opportunity and not just the project, and our commitment to all parties.” WIT has more than 250 ongoing projects with a variety of companies across different industry sectors.


    Let's talk.



    P: +353 (0) 51-302975











    WIT West Campus, Carriganore, Waterford



    WIT Innovation Centre

    St. Kierans College, Kilkenny



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    A Global Movement of People Who Grow Their Own Food.

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    Threefold Systems 

    An Agora Company

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