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"ArcLabs is all about encouraging, mentoring and supporting innovative and ambitious early-stage business ventures. The centre has all of the leading-edge facilities that companies need and expect, but much more than that - it is an exciting networking community, driven by entrepreneurial spirit in which businesses can thrive and become successful."

Tom Corcoran

Centre Manager, Arclabs

  Tom Corcoran, Arclabs


"Networking is something that entrepreneurs need to do very well and ArcLabs helps to make this happen. There is great camaraderie and great support. You are working in an environment where many other people are going through the same business issues and we all learn from each other."

Clodagh Conway

Director of Business Development, Agnition

  Clodagh Conway


"ArcLabs is like an entrepreneurial eco-system where there are lots of people with the same ambition that we have - to build a cutting-edge technology company. It's often the informal water-cooler moments, when new ideas get bounced around, that add really significant value for us."

Conor Ryan

Director of Implementations, Catch

  Conor Ryan


"With so much expertise around us here, there is never a technology problem we can't solve. Informally, there are always people we can approach with issues, but we can also hire resources if we need to. This factor has helped us to win new business and gives us a real competitive edge."

Paul Savage

Managing Director, ZolkC

  Paul Savage

The goal of the ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre is to provide entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures with the support needed to achieve success in national and international markets.

We help our clients to accelerate their business growth by providing business advisory services and access to the R&D resources of Waterford Institute of Technology. We are committed to mentoring and supporting only the very best; our clients have high growth potential and have aggressive goals for expanding their businesses.